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Rattlesnake Medicine and the legacy of Rolling Thunder

Rattlesnake - Symbolic meaning implies shedding of the skin to allow change and release of old beliefs. 

"I could feel and sense that the snake intended no harm and I said that part out loud. That did not mean it should be ignored. What I did not say out loud is that I sensed the snake was being respectful and anticipated a like-kind response." - Wendy's Rattlesnake Medicine encounter in connection to the interview with Stanley Krippner on Native American Medicine Man Rolling Thunder.

This experience is typical of what happens for me when those in spirit want to engage. It happened in connection to my interview with Stanley Krippner on Rolling Thunder. It isn't the first time I have felt the presence of RT as there was an incident with the sound of rolling thunder on a clear day significant to my action at the time as I prepared for a previous interview with Dr. Krippner.

This encounter is, however, more substantial due to the greater complexity of the dynamic and the coinciding timing of social events kicking up activism and dissent - and the timing is also important in reminding me to focus on an increased presence of symbolic connections in my ordinary daily events. 

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast 8/13 interview Stanley Krippner Ph.D on The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder 
Here's the backstory - 
On the afternoon of the day of our interview, Andy and I took the dogs to the park. We walked the trail and the creek. Prairie grass alongside the trail was about 5 feet tall and dotted with flowers and butterflies. We talked about how it might have been if you had to actually walk through the grass and the clothes and boots that would have been hot - but necessary - to avoid bugs and scratchy plants. 
Midsummer temps were perfect at about 79 with low humidity. It was a gorgeous Midwest summer day and the dogs loved cooling off in the water. 
On the return trip, walking back up the hill, we noticed the group in front of us had stopped. A Dad and his three young boys had dismounted their bicycles and were standing along the far right side of the trail.

Kansas Sunflower - in the land of Ahhs.
The man then yelled out a caution that we might want to go slow because a very large rattlesnake had just crossed their path. He asked if we could see it. We were still about 30 feet away. They were closer at about 10 feet and watching it leave the asphalt trial and go onto the side ditch. 
And yes, we could see it. Wow! Big enough we could see the head and the tail, popping up through the trimmed grass.
I could feel and sense that the snake intended no harm and I said that part out loud. That did not mean it should be ignored. What I did not say out loud is that I sensed the snake was being respectful and anticipated a like-kind response. 
Andy went ahead with Gracie to see what kind of rattlesnake it was. It had a large head and was at least 4 feet long. The color was vibrant because the skin had just been shed. He could tell by the markings it was a Timber Rattler. I have seen one rattlesnake in person when I was a teenager. Most likely it was a Prairie Rattlesnake. It was at the most, 6 or 8 inches in length. It did have rattles. 
When the snake noticed Gracie (our medium-sized dog) had stopped, it deftly turned, arched its neck with the head held aloft and started to coil, rattles engaged for added emphasis. The snake felt threatened. 
Andy and Gracie quickly resumed a deliberate and smooth pace past the snake with the Man with his two older boys close behind. The snake relaxed a bit. His head was still arched and I had eye contact. I was within about 20 feet at that point. He was beautiful and looked quite majestic, simply trying to assess the threat and maintain the upper hand in managing a defense.
The man then called out to the youngest one to hurry, while at the same time the snake stiffened his neck to affirm the threat was passing. No rattle sound. Tail down.
Quiet in my arms now, I hauled (our small dog) Jack up from the trail the minute the presence of the snake had been announced. He caught me off guard because he unexpectedly threw a temper tantrum at the indignity of being unceremoniously dethroned (in his mind) in front of a crowd, inadvertently humiliated.
Not amused and no time to explain the situation, I held him firm and tight. He relented and calmed down. If he had pitched that diva fit in closer proximity and agitated the snake it could very easily have been misinterpreted and created a dangerous scenario. Not today.
As it was, airlifted Jack and I followed behind the small child, timidly moving forward with his bike, and kept watch on the snake, now also resuming travel to safely slither off into the undergrowth along the treeline.
Respect and awe won the day. He/She had appeared to be in robust health, stunning, with beautiful color and markings. An incredibly rare encounter in our hiking excursions.  
Back at home, half an hour prior to the show. Gracie indicates I have a visitor. She quietly sits in front of me and looks behind her then back at me, asking - "Do you see them?"

I felt the energy shift. I sensed a presence.

RT - Connection is telepathic and direct. I hear the voiced instruction twice: "Do your homework!
Do your homework!"
I knew he meant I needed to again look at the book in preparation for my interview. So, I sat down and listened.

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I hear page numbers.

Page number 74. I opened the book directly to it.
Page number 4. The book then fell open at page 4.

I happened to turn to the page that said rattlesnake and coyote medicines were important. I was astounded.

Went to the station and looked up Rolling Thunder and Rattlesnake. That search pulled the Billy Jack information on consulting re the Snake Ceremony.

RT wanted the activism information addressed and the message of peaceful dissent. He was pleased that I listened and he knew Stanley Krippner was ready to address the topics.

After we left the station - a lime green balloon with a card attached - walked itself across the crosswalk in front of us, just as if someone were right beside it.

Andy asked if I wanted the balloon to read the card. No. I got the message  I knew it was RT. He said, "Thank you."


I believe in these things because I experience them. The Rattlesnake on the trail - was a fortuitous encounter - for me. He was gorgeous and large, the picture of health. The colors were bright because of the recently shed skin. And he made eye contact. I was in awe. Then, when I made the connection later, I realized he had a purpose. The message was delivered in the most appropriate form.

I asked Stanley what Rolling Thunder might have had in mind in presenting the message of Rattlesnake Medicine at this time. He told me the symbolic meaning implied shedding of the skin that we can change and shed our old beliefs. 
I do know about these symbolic representations having worked with Totems and Dreaming Animal Energies for years. However, not to the extent of anyone with the mastery level of Rolling Thunder. 
For example, I am still receiving information from RT and the inspiration was that I could do my work to become an active Shaman. I replied that I am probably not suited to be in that category.
Then came the fun part.
RT Question One: Can you sit still for 5 minutes?
Yes, that I can do.
RT Question Two: Can you sit still for 5 days?
(Okay, that's where my aptitude takes a detour.)

As I said, I am probably not suited as I don't have the desire to push myself to that limit. However, I do know it can be done and, obviously, once one becomes adept at working in spirit from this level it is easier to interact and engage the elements accessed in the Shamanic Realm.
His instruction implies additional effort is required to produce extraordinary results and those who apply themselves will improve their abilities on multiple planes of awareness. 
Did he stop there? Actually, no.  
RT again. He said: "You will know when it is time to sit."
Here I am, learning a new step. Apparently, shedding skin is in my future_present_now.   
As it stands, I am happy to make my connections, to share insight I might have and to encourage others to open their mind to experiences with those in non-corporeal form to express a greater awareness of living and being more than simply a bag of bones walking the path with no direction.
The underlying message in this case: Macro and Micro are reflecting a time now where all is undergoing transition and shift. The Mother is shedding her skin. Big changes are afoot. Tread lightly and watch for signs in all forms (and senses). Respect and honor all creatures.
We are not alone in this adventure and there are others in spirit eagerly working to assist if and when we are willing to apply ourselves to expand our awareness and admit we can use a helping hand. 
Thank you, and Aho! We are one; in, with and - of - our Creation.  3 - given a telepathic reference of Triune. I thought I was done there but now I am curious ...
...And down the rabbit hole I go.
I have to look this word Triune up - because there is a reason the word Trinity was not used. Something is important about that word. Feeling my way now, google in progress.
The feeling syncs. In this instance, the meaning is: Incomprehensible but Knowable (fortunately, this is a book that helps with context) and refers to a Catholic Saint (What?).
By now I think I have gone off the rails. However, I discover an interesting tidbit that clarifies the reference. Saint Gregory Palamas. Correlation? 
[Gregory went to live at the Megiste Lavra, but very soon moved to the Skete of Glossia for greater tranquillity. The Turkish raids of 1325 forced him together with others to leave the Holy Mountain for Thessaloniki, where he was ordained priest. In the following year (1326), together with ten fellow-ascetics, he moved to the Skete of Beroea, where he remained, living a life of great strictness, for five years. Five days of the week he spent in complete isolation, devoted to uninterrupted mental prayer, while on Saturdays and Sundays he emerged to partake of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.] Pemptousia
And why would one do this routine? To see the un-created light of God. The Hesychast System (Greek hesychos, quiet)
[By contemplating the uncreated light one became united with God so intimately that one became absorbed in Him.] 
[There seems also to have been a strong element of the pantheism that so often accompanies mysticism in the fully developed Hesychast system.] 
How the heck did RT get me from point A to 5 days a week in silent prayer?
RT: Chuckling hard now - "...a wing and a prayer."
He shows me an image - threading a needle (me), playing with strings, I am sewing the fabric.
Abstract thinking comes in handy. I am done for now. What a wonder-filled lark. It's been like this since 1997. This is why I talk to nightlights. ;)
Snake Power Animal Symbol - Shamanic Journey
Coyote Medicine - Shamanic Journey 
Thunder People - Native American Prophecy
"It's a mistake to think of any group or person as an opponent, because when you do, that's what the group or person will become to you. It's more useful to think of every other person as another YOU - to think of every individual as a representative of the universe" - Rolling Thunder, Doug Boyd

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Letters from the Big Man, Indie Sasquatch film with a Big Heart

"Sasquatch opening hearts, one Human at a time." - Kathleen Odom

*Kathleen and I are scheduled to talk in October. I'm looking forward to hearing the backstory on the film she served as an advisor on: Letters from the Big Man. IMDb

The film drew excellent reviews from Critics and moviegoers alike. Comments include: "It is about time that they portray this creature as something other than a blurry shadow or blood covered angry monster stalking campers out in the woods. Seriously, the special (practical) effects on this costume are amazing. In some shots, it almost feels like they actually filmed the real thing instead of an actor in a suit." - IMDb

"So often turned into grist for B-movie schlock horror, the Bigfoot legend becomes a thing of bewitching beauty in Munch’s fable (the film stayed with me for weeks after I saw it at Sundance), as his low-key, equable approach to such potentially absurd material makes Sarah’s transformative inner journey both enthralling and emotionally plausible."
-Filmmaker Magazine

Links, odds and misc. -

  • Learning to sing, Whales learn the same way as Humans, AuGeo 
  • Cool trivia: Hidden oil pattern on Bowling Lanes, Twisted Sifter 
  • Toxins in your tap water? Highly Probable. Nationwide study. Do your own sleuthing at EWG Details for your zip code site/USA
  • Stressed? Quick reliever? 5 minutes with a video game. Entrepreneur  
  • Sloth Slumber Party, Head to Oregon The facility is a 501(3)c. Details
  • Mysteries in the Archives - UFO sightings in Missouri. BND 
  • Summer film, A Ghost Story. This Afterlife is v-e-r-y lonely.
I was ready to kick back and shift gears. No time to pack up and go. Wanted something to keep the curiosity stream alive. Found it. This quietly beautiful and thoughtful film presents a unique and completely unconventional perspective on Sasquatch. (Thank-you.) Reviewers were wowed: Link.
"A remarkable film."- The New Yorker (Richard Brody). Review: 2011/from Roger Ebert.

"Directed by renowned independent filmmaker Christopher Munch (The Hours and the Times) and featuring gorgeous cinematography showcasing the natural beauty of the Oregon wilderness, Letters From the Big Man" offers the first true-to-life representation of Sasquatch.

First, Sasquatch and Us offers a back story.

Watch Free Movies Online:
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Letters From the Big Man Home Page

I'll be talking with Interspecies Communicator Kathleen Odom, 10/29 about her interactions with Sasquatch and her insight. After speaking with Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis, Archived Interview, this is yet another connection emphasizing the interdimensional and telepathic aspects that are part of the experience when one engages in and is receptive to contact with Sasquatch.

August Interviews - 
8/6 - Jon Kelly, Reverse Speech Analyst: Your Inner Voice and NewsInsideOut
8/13 - Stanley Krippner Ph.D. - The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder
8/20 - Chad and Alta Dillard - Orbducted in the French Quarter. Paranormal, UFO, Unexplained - 'High Strangeness' overload. Audio Interview Podcast Episode 25/The Confessionals.
Book available in Etsy
8/27 - Rey Hernandez - Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters/FREE at Experiencer.Org. UFO Contactee studies ongoing. Results suggest the phenom is happening on multiple levels of awareness. Consciousness Studies  

Join me for the live show or catch the podcast download 24/7
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Gary Wimmer, A Second in Eternity (NDE)

"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." - Rabindranath Tagore

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives - 4/9/17 Psychic Gary Wimmer

Odds, ends and otherwise -
  • Thousands of years of First Nations oral history validated by science. Archeologists have dated artifacts at a dig in British Columbia at 13,000 to 14,000 years old. Coast Mountain News 
  • Vanished, a UFO enthusiast who left behind 14 unpublished 'encrypted' manuscripts and walls covered with symbols and code. Daily Mail In his room, a statue of the Italian Philosopher Giordano Bruno, who predicted things that made the church very uncomfortable, including: Aliens and, depending on how one interprets the 'multiplicity of worlds' meaning, the Multiverse. Britannica 
  • Woman needs Bee hive removal and insists no Bees are harmed. Somehow the hive gets dropped and lands on her head. They didn't sting her. They did sting the guy doing the removing. At least three bees dinged him for being clumsy. UPI  
More topics mentioned in this show: prior post.

The back story to Gary Wimmer's NDE is fascinating. He started experiencing PSI overload. Confused and completely overwhelmed, he asked for it to stop. The Monitors, as he calls them asked, "Do you trust us?" ...

Gary replied that he did. That's when the car slammed into him. We recap some of the story in the interview but this is a fuller version, in greater detail.

(YouTube Link)

Aftereffects of an NDE can include expanded awareness and increased psychic abilities. However, just prior to the NDE, Gary had experienced an extreme overwhelm of PSI abilities and says he was almost incapacitated by it. He couldn't figure out how to make it stop. After his NDE, he regained control and the overwhelm ceased.

Prophetic information Gary said he was given some 40 years ago during his NDE is just now coming to pass, including climate change and the impact on the US.

I asked about Kansas. He said we're in the clear. Trouble spots will be on the coastal areas. And we're seeing that now. This is a very brief mention. Gary details that information and so much more about his experience in his book, A Second in Eternity.

A life-long Psychic, after the NDE, he shifted his reading style to incorporate Lithomancy. That practice is one he credits to (now deceased) Psychic Alice Worrall. Gary says he begged Alice to continue to work with him after she transitioned and she agreed. They continue to connect.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives - 4/9/17 Psychic Gary Wimmer

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